The Unapologetic Introduction.

Image by Demetria via We Heart It.

  My dad is simultaneously the biggest fan and blatant reviewer of my writing, and unfortunately I can’t help but mull, over every piece of advice he gives me. Being the most chilled father on the earth, I was absolutely … Continue reading

Forever Young.

Rolling down hills in Sintra, Portugal.

Image by Sheona Bello.

My dad keeps telling me that my “20’s are for learning” and every time he says it, I think I love him a little bit more. To me, learning implies a sprinkle of recklessness, a touch of experimentation, a hint … Continue reading

The myth of the backstage pass.

Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevigne - Backstage at Burberry S/S 2-14.

Image by Senya Hearts via Tumblr.

I am beginning to really understand the truth of David Guetta’s recent rapper collaboration, “Work Hard, Play Hard”. A recent camp experience really shed light on the fact that a “hustler’s work is never through”, as I was struck with … Continue reading

Just roll with it.

Jump in!
Image by Allie Cramer via Pinterest.

There’s something about leading a hectic lifestyle that makes a person effective, and I once heard that “if you want something done, give it to a busy person’. As we speak, my schedule is full to the brim with 3 jobs, … Continue reading