The Unapologetic Introduction.


Image by Demetria via We Heart It.

Image by Demetria via We Heart It.

My dad is simultaneously the biggest fan and blatant reviewer of my writing, and unfortunately I can’t help but mull, over every piece of advice he gives me.

Being the most chilled father on the earth, I was absolutely amazed at his disapproval of my recent allusions to living a reckless youth: one, which inevitably includes ridiculous parties and a beer-bong. (FYI, this is an engineered contraption comprised of a hose, valve and funnel that allows the participant to effectively consume a given beverage in at most, 2-3 gulps. Miraculous really!)

While he feared that I was diverging too far from my usual stance of wholesome, empowered living, my counter-argument (I hope) was valid: This. Is. Me.

Like my discussion with Papa Bear, Sheona Bello is really just a little, fluffy ball of discrepant ideas.

Me? Let me break it down for you. I am confident, enthusiastic and social, but love being alone. I am young, wild and free, yet beyond committed to everything I love. I want to be the most inspiring, motivating and empowering person you have ever met, yet I want nothing more than to live as freely as possible (and scream that vision too).

I work out but,  probably have way too many cheat meals, and I listen to Norah Jones straight after a Biggie Smalls marathon. I drink 2lt of water but never pass down Tequila shots, and I love Green Tea as much as I do a full fat Demi Latte. I love David Attenborough documentaries and Sex and The City, and I love wasting time on Facebook as much as I devour a session with a great book.

I love stability and spontaneity, and I love coming home to Mum’s roast as much as I do arriving at the International Departures Lounge. I love my friends, but I love meeting strangers, and I love being comfortable as much as I love the challenge of the unknown. I love being confident and scared, bewildered and amazed. I appreciate stress and relief equally and I adore excitement and nostalgia.

I am sensibly reckless, innocently responsible and as completely, and utterly as authentic, genuine and real as possible.

The implication? Well basically, amidst my written, life-enhancing efforts WILL be references to my midnight memories and delirious thoughts. I don’t apologise, but I do hope you enjoy.



6 thoughts on “The Unapologetic Introduction.

  1. Love it, Love it, can’t even put in the opposite feeling because that would be untrue.
    Stay true and love you, love me, love us and all that you do and don’t do.

  2. I don’t want this post to end!! Is it ok to be all these things at once? Next post idea – advise how to deal with these contradictory traits and behaviours!

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