Taking a break from #goalz

Taking a break from #goals

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Easter, a holiday of dare I say equal righteousness and sacrilege.

In an effort to be at least 90% healthy at least 90% of the time, this is one (of the 5) holiday where not only is mum’s cooking in adequate supply (and portion control is non-existent), but deliciousness not excluding a Flinders sourdough loaf, Cadbury solid milk Easter eggs, a Pana Chocolate bar and Woolies’ finest Hot Cross Buns is all abound.  In short, it’s the perfect opportunity to turn on vacay mode in more ways than one.

Strangely I know, that time away from almost everything, is the perfect kick in the ass for a refined focus and greater determination come Monday (all good things start on Mondays, am I right?)

So yeah it could be a cheat weekend – but on theme with this Easter holiday, what if I called it a Sabbatical instead?

That’s a nicer word – sounds intellectual too, huh? …… ¡Double bueno!

And maybe there’s something in that, that holy, holy word. That taking a break, a well-deserved load-off is the perfect elixir for a kick start, double strength.

I’m thinking about how absolutely necessary the weekend is, in providing the energy and mind power to approach the daily grind of a new 5-day work week, or how a mid-sem break affords the clarity and partying abilities to triumph the remainder of semester.  How vital a rest day is for optimal performance, and more importantly, how a block of chocolate and 8 x hot cross buns with butter will lead me back on the track to that broccoli and sweet potato lyf when it comes time to head back to reality.

On a serious note, I think there’s something in this idea of a ‘break’.  To refresh, realign and refocus on the how, what, why, when…you get the drill.  A “brb” to goals has got to have a place in this world.

“Know the rules so you can break them effectively”

– Dalai Lama XIV

That phrase is my new spirit animal, please have a safe and Happy Easter pals! 

– S.



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