Spontaneity is ew.


Image via ELLEMER Swimwear

I don’t know about you, but I’m adamant spontaneous is a dirty word.

It’s hella reckless, misdirected and absolutely flippant. It’s young and wild and free. Nonchalant, blasé of consequences, even ignorant of them and probably inconsiderate.

Herein lies my qualm. Is doing something others think ‘crazy’ quickly, spontaneous? Or is it simply the ability to make courageous decisions, fast?

Because isn’t it admirable when someone is able to make choices quickly?

I know I’m an absolute fangirl for someone able to make a menu decision in less than 10 minutes. I mean, how have you analyzed and compared the pros and cons of every breakfast opportunity in that time. More so, be SURE you’ve made the right selection and spoken those bacon-laden words to the waiter.

Such conviction is heroic in my eyes.

Especially when it comes to big-ticket items. You know the ones:

  • Do I move to New York or not?
  • Do I travel to south-east turkey and become a camel farmer?
  • Do I end this relationship?
  • Do I road trip with out a map?
  • Do I move houses?
  • Do I go sober in October?

Honestly, I think it’s time to shed the skin of spontaneity, and instead, define the ability to make bold decisions fast, with a much more credible title.

Something more powerful which speaks to an appreciation of wicked opportunities and pouncing on them. The ability to know purely, what feels right and wrong, and to thrive on the good and just go with it. It’s a passion for knowing personal limits and pushing them. It’s unrivalled self-confidence.

It’s acknowledging that fortune favors the bold and living accordingly.

You see, spontaneity just fails to capture all that juicy goodness.

I’ve searched long and hard for an accurate word in English, and yet again our vocabulary lets me down. Greek on the other hand, has pulled through with the goods this time. Get a load of this gem:


So now, I think I’ll learn Greek. It’s not spontaneous, it feels right.

So does a Souvlaki right now..