So much No it’s a Yes.

Image via Pinterest.

Image via Pinterest.

Yesterday, for the first time in forever, I said no.

I said no to something I so insanely wanted to scream yes to.

An awesome opportunity fell into my lap, an internship offer that came unsolicited from one of my favourite brands.

True to my acute suffering of shiny object syndrome, FOMO and really any condition that implies I’m going to have to forego a new experience, I was THAT close to taking it and turning away from everything else I’m currently working on.

I was adamant that I would somehow carve out an additional 48 hours into my already back to back schedule, find more energy to invest into a new project, and somehow maintain the enthusiasm and passion required for success.

But for the first time, reality struck and I was humbly reminded that no matter how colour coordinated my Kikki. K diary is, and no matter how early my morning alarm is – I cannot do everything.

At that moment I remembered that I have goals which reach further beyond the three months immediately ahead of me. I remembered that persistence is the ultimate key, that even Drake ‘started at the bottom’, and the really, really good things take time.

Now, usually I let go of things really quickly. My friends think I have commitment issues, Mum thinks it’s a mild case of ADHD and I justify it simply, as boredom.

But truthfully I’m kind of scared of comfort, and stay super clear of that moment when I start to feel familiar.

At that point, I usually run away, find somewhere foreign to unpack my bags and a new group of people who I get to introduce myself to, for the first time.

But this time was different. I saw beyond the exciting invitation and decided to stay.

Not because I was scared of chasing the sun, but because I realised that the stars are just as beautiful and it’s okay to use the telescope once in a while.

But most importantly, I realized that I haven’t yet exhausted and chased down what’s in front of me right now. And i’m feeling pretty empowered by it.

I hope you’ll do the same –  don’t turn away so quickly.

Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.