Taking a break from #goalz

Taking a break from #goals

Image via Duni Cheri

Easter, a holiday of dare I say equal righteousness and sacrilege.

In an effort to be at least 90% healthy at least 90% of the time, this is one (of the 5) holiday where not only is mum’s cooking in adequate supply (and portion control is non-existent), but deliciousness not excluding a Flinders sourdough loaf, Cadbury solid milk Easter eggs, a Pana Chocolate bar and Woolies’ finest Hot Cross Buns is all abound.  In short, it’s the perfect opportunity to turn on vacay mode in more ways than one.

Strangely I know, that time away from almost everything, is the perfect kick in the ass for a refined focus and greater determination come Monday (all good things start on Mondays, am I right?)

So yeah it could be a cheat weekend – but on theme with this Easter holiday, what if I called it a Sabbatical instead?

That’s a nicer word – sounds intellectual too, huh? …… ¡Double bueno!

And maybe there’s something in that, that holy, holy word. That taking a break, a well-deserved load-off is the perfect elixir for a kick start, double strength.

I’m thinking about how absolutely necessary the weekend is, in providing the energy and mind power to approach the daily grind of a new 5-day work week, or how a mid-sem break affords the clarity and partying abilities to triumph the remainder of semester.  How vital a rest day is for optimal performance, and more importantly, how a block of chocolate and 8 x hot cross buns with butter will lead me back on the track to that broccoli and sweet potato lyf when it comes time to head back to reality.

On a serious note, I think there’s something in this idea of a ‘break’.  To refresh, realign and refocus on the how, what, why, when…you get the drill.  A “brb” to goals has got to have a place in this world.

“Know the rules so you can break them effectively”

– Dalai Lama XIV

That phrase is my new spirit animal, please have a safe and Happy Easter pals! 

– S.



What if your back was always ‘got’?


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I’ve recently encountered what seems to be a relentless string of unfortunate events – which, to a host of mere miracle working – have become some of my best stories to date.

Think missed alarm to my first interstate client presentation, leaving my luxury wallet on the roof of my car in a questionable neighborhood, spilling coffee all over a merino poncho at the start of a working day.  The list could go on, with most of the episodes downright stupid, and causing into question my validity as a law-abiding, resourceful or capable citizen.

Apparently, just when I think I’ve gotten my act together and on due course to #adulting properly, something hilarious happens.  Something, which causes me to stop, have a laff, and share my momentary misfortune with someone who definitely laughs at (not with) me.

After no joke, about a week of non-stop daily encounters of the worst kind, I stopped to seriously consider what was seriously wrong with me.

Why was karma simultaneously teasing and rewarding me so regularly.  And more scarily, when would the good resolutions end.  Was my limit almost up?

Speaking out loud, I realized there was such a basic, elementary undertone.  Don’t shoot me…Gratitude.

Thinking about it, I thanked the lawd for:

  • Free-flowing traffic allowing me to reach the VA333 en route to Sydney that frightful morning
  • The kind couple and accompanying Bull Mastiff for walking past my car before the sun had set, making my Prada life-blood visible
  • My unwavering tendency to leave a spare blazer on my desk chair when I ruined my previous outfit.

 Thank ya, thank ya, and thank ya again.

It got me thinking like, what if there was always something / someone who had your back, and everything was a simple exercise in remembering to not take things too seriously?

I get it, there are a world of worse things to happen to someone compared to my simple existential errors e.g. coffee spills.  But I’m hoping this ability to be light-hearted in the face of mistakes can signal a trend towards ease when things do get really tough. 

I hope in the clamour of small wrongdoings we can appreciate that often it’s a masked suitor who is staging  a hugely necessary wake-up call to look retrospectively, on everything there IS to be grateful for.

Like all the times alarms rang, when cars turned on without the need for RACV assistance, when parents/friends/partners were supportive, personal trainers were gentle, or you could leave work on time to enjoy the sunset.

Step back babies, and look around, promise it ain’t ALL bad.

– S.