Visiting Dr. Zeus – An Adventure in Athens.

Athens: the birthplace of Greek Salad, the stomping ground of Hercules and the humble home of Ouzo. With so many fruits to offer the tourists and the world, I really have no idea why people give good old “Athina” such a bad rap.

Most travellers seem to pry away from the Greek Capital following talks of it being “too dirty”, or “depressing” as a result of the country’s financial crisis. But honestly, take a trip (if possible) and decide for yourself.

I personally love a good Athens session, here’s why!

Greek Yoghurt, everywhere.

Sure Frozen Yoghurt bars have taken over like a bad rash here in Melbourne, but it really can’t compete with the fresh, Greek style.

Some of us spend years, if not a lifetime trying to discover the “best” yoghurt, and those lucky little Greeks are fed it from birth. I may not ever come across such fresh from the pot, creamy, delicate, enveloping, porcelain white goodness, but I can die happy knowing that I did enjoy a few cups, topped with some outrageous honey and a few pistachios just for fun. If you are lucky enough to find yourself craving this treat in Athens, you just have to check out Fresko Yoghurt Bar! So good!

Image by @lmb_notherone via Instagram.

Image by @lmb_notherone via Instagram.

Soccer – Gate 7 Style.

If possible, find locals, become best mates and convince them to take you to a soccer game.

I thought my dad’s friends were a bit fanatic when it came to the AFL grand final, but a glimpse of Grecian Soccer within the renown Gate 7 area of utmost fanatical soccer-goers, puts even the Collingwood die-hards to shame.

I’m talking 3 hours of endless chants, flares and fireworks. My ears are still ringing, but I like it. 


Gate 7 Fanaticism. Image by tasosmikronis via Instagram.

Image by tasosmikronis via Instagram.

Flea Markets.

Minus the fleas. It’s always fun meandering through trinkets and bobbits and do-whats-its. Embrace it and buy something for your mum while you’re at it, she’ll love it.

Image by cartoulespress via Instagram.

Image by cartoulespress via Instagram.

History, everywhere.

Places like the Acropolis are older than your grandma’s, grandma’s great grandma! Pretty impressive right?

Image by zmurphman369 via Instagram.

Image by zmurphman369 via Instagram.

No skimping on the feta!

If the menu says it has feta, you better believe it, and you better like feta, because there is going to be a lot of it.

Don’t be shy, be the feta, love the feta.

Image by frederixz via Instagram.

Image by frederixz via Instagram.


I never would have picked it, but Athens has some of the coolest bars,!

I’m talking art gallery drinking spots in old warehouses (The Art Foundation) and 75 flavour liqueur tasting houses (Brettos), and of course, we can’t forget a memorable rooftop – there’s plenty around with killer views!

Image via

Brettos. Image via

The Art Foundation. Image by Kosta R. via Four Square.

The Art Foundation.
Image by Kosta R. via Four Square.

This icy-pole.

Hands down the best thing I have ever tasted. Or maybe it was the 30C weather which made it taste so good. Either way, I vividly remember a party in my mouth!

Image by @catfishsoup via We Heart It.

Image by @catfishsoup via We Heart It.


That’s how you say ‘cheers’ in Greek. Fun fact.

Image by @vinooAF92 via We Heart It.

Image by @vinooAF92 via We Heart It.

I love you Athens!

Love Sheona x.

A passionate discussion on passion, not pashing.


There’s a lot of noise at the moment about passion.

Passionfruit has always been delish, and Passiona a somewhat refreshing beverage.

But take away these suffixes, then your’e just left with little old passion. Just. Left. With. Passion. A 7 letter gem that shapes a lot of what the mystics call their ‘life-purpose’, what the entrepreneurs label their ‘calling’, and what I like to call, something bloody massive I just cant decide on.

I mean, personally, I want to be a writer, a dancer (currently I’m perfecting the moonwalk), a surfer (thanks Blue Crush), a corporate bitch, a band-member, a hippie who lives in a combi in Byron and sells handmade jewellery, a yoga instructor, a Buddhist monk, a mining magnate, Miranda Kerr… basically, everything under the sun.

I guess in my fiasco of options, I am desperately just trying to define my, wait for it… PASSION.

As I learn more about the said, 7 letter-er, I can safely say the two of us are slowly becoming friends.

Motivational books will tell you to “follow your passion” if happiness is what you truly seek, but thanks Confucius, how am I meant to follow something when I don’t even know what it looks like? There is no road-sign, no Google answer, not even a Wikipedia article that precisely tells me what my passion is. So, your notions of living a purposeful life are really of no help to me at all, not unless you help me find it anyway.

So I assigned myself a James Bond mission to get to the bottom of the P word. What I found was surprisingly simple.

What. Do. You. Love. 

But here’s the catch, you have to limit it to 10. And list them in order.

These are your passions. Voila!

A 10-point list could very well include:

·      Cheerleading,

·      Shopping,

·      Travelling,

·      Eating McDonald’s fries,

·      Being with friends,

·      Reading,

·      Watching the Disney Channel,

·      Playing in the pool,

·      Playing with dogs,

·      Being in the sun.

Please note these are the Top 10 ‘passions’ of my 12 year-old sister.

So enlighten me, how on earth is she going to make a career out of being a dog-loving, junk-food munching, cheerleader? Truth is, mate, she’s not.

So as an informer big sister, do I tell her to discard all these fun things because, well honey, that ain’t gon’ pay the bills? 

Nope, I tell her to lap them up, do these things, and do them often!

Do them for as long as you stop loving doing them, and when you do, find something more fun and enjoyable to replace them.

Because they are your passions.

(P.S she later argued, telling me that people actually can make money being a cheerleader, enough for a 50-cent cone anyway!)

I think what we get caught up in, is thinking that you have to find passion in a job or career, but truthfully, that would be condemning your crazy passions into a tiny hole and saying, ‘don’t move, breathe, or smile. No fun allowed’. Passion is so much more multi-faceted. 

Sure, we would all love to be Oprah, or Kelly Slater, doing for a job what we LOVE, but let’s be realistic. Don’t think that if you are not able to land your dream job on Getaway, that you are going to live in misery, you can be as happy as Pharrell, even if you are the toilet cleaner at Flinders Street Station on a Saturday night.

But “how” you scream. I’ll impart my wisdom with you, it’s all about how you spend the remaining 77 hours of your week (considering a 35 hour work week and 56 crucial beauty sleep provisions).

That my sweet child, is where you live your passions. Read, dance, bake, write, sing, play, laugh and laugh some more!

Even if you just spend half your free time doing the things you love, you have already outbid your day job. Kapish?

So basically, yeah. Homework for this week, list your ten passions, and sacrifice Game of thrones to play out your own fanstasy!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the passionate topic, and what activities and things come up in your Top 10 list.


P.S Take a leaf from Janey’s book, this gal is one passionate painter!


Shredding for life, not Stereo.


I’ve always wondered why Personal Training is such a huge industry, I mean, surely I can count how many reps I’m up to in my dumbbell squats, and I’m pretty sure I know when my 30 second rest interval is up following a sprint (thanks stopwatch).

And what am I paying you to do anyway?

To remind me to drink more water?

To always stretch after a strength session?

To not down too many Vodkas on Saturday night?

I know all of this. But every year, when Spring begins and I realise how fast Summer is charging towards me, and how badly I want to live on the beach in a Seafolly bikini with the body confidence of Miranda Kerr, I always decide that “I definitely, 100% need a personal trainer” – for the 1000th time.

But why do I feel that I need to splurge hard earned coin on a bystander to watch me burpee my life away?

Oh, just a little birdy I like to call, accountability.

The ‘A’ word is exactly what Australians spend $390m a year on. (Personal Trainers in Australia: IBIS World)

It’s interesting isn’t it, that we seek the need to feel obliged or answerable to an external source, in order to fulfill a task set before us – even if it is for our own benefit. But I guess it’s just the top bloke inside us, who wants to feel as if we have done someone a favour.

I don’t blame you! Think about when you were young, how you would help mum in the garden, or clean your room, and be so eager to tell everyone how you were SUCH an essential contributor to how lovely the roses looked, or how clean the entire house was. The same childlike attitude towards rewards, clearly still resides somewhere inside us.

It all comes back to our desire for gratification, essentially to feel good. We can’t shake centuries of hedonism! I mean you can try, just make sure you ‘shake it like a polaroid picture’, and let me know how you go!

And this provision of gratification in a positive way, is how a few of my pals at Bodytone Training are achieving great successes with every passing day. Let me explain.

The boys at Bodytone, are helping each client to reach their health and fitness goals at frighteningly spectacular speeds. It seems, they have understood the very essence of what Trainers stand for, and leveraged it to it’s maximum. It’s safe to say, that these lads are taking accountability to a WHOLE new level.

Think DAILY contact: routine phone calls, a simple text or even a sneaky snap chat, in which clients are made accountable, answerable, responsible and liable. Every indulgent confession, each smashing of a new personal best, it’s all out there, and after your daily update with the PT you’ll either feel rather guilty, or incredibly amazing for today’s effort.

So the take-away from this week? Get accountable!

Don’t necessarily get a trainer (although if you want one, give Bodytone a bell), hire a personal coach, enlist a Spanish tutor, employ a Yoga instructor and find a nutritionist. Just start enlisting those you already have around you.

Start using your friends and family. Share your goals and ideas, you will be surprised at what others share in return, how their unique perspective enriches your own, and how truly, “two minds are better than one”.

This is most important in terms of goal attainment, we sometimes need someone who is a “3rd party observer with absolutely no personal interest in the matter” (Viola, She’s the Man), to remind us of our progress, improvement and development.

So puh-lease start sharing your goals, talk about them, go crazy, get people involved. They will love it.

I’d love to hear how sharing your goal with others has helped you!