Step Back: An Ode to the Small Things.

Image via Miss Moss

Image via Miss Moss

Now I don’t usually listen to morning radio. Firstly because I refuse to deal with the reality of the current traffic status, and secondly, as much as I love Taylor Swift, she’s definitely going “out of style” at the rate of three songs per half hour.

But one specific, chilly morning the good old talk show hosts on the FM spectrum taught me something that changed my world with one question: they asked the entire, invisible cohort of listeners what was their ‘NOW’.

Like what was happening right now – urging people to share their current journey, goal, project, opening, closing, launch or completion of something…anything.

It was an enlightened morning commute because it really got me thinking how totally stuck in our mini worlds we can be, and how neglectful we are, of the cheeky achievements we make on a daily basis.

This ‘small thing’ goodness is a theme I’ve been toying with on (Check out my journeys !) and ties in pretty perfectly with the whole foundational perspective of the positive, mindset fraternity: be present.

Sure, recognise you’re playing a big game with big boys, but don’t forget to actually stop and give yourself a gold star for the small goals reached.

Realistically, these things you pie off as unimportant could be major achievements in the eyes of someone else, and you’re doing yourself a disservice by regarding it as anything less. ‘Treat yo-self’.

Believe me I’m guilty of disregard constantly. It’s only when I’m chatting to a long lost friend about recent movements that I actually reflect on the last week in my diary and head, and realize that hey, finishing that essay was the best feeling ever, perfecting quinoa was a huge deal and I didn’t go on Facebook for a whole two hours straight yesterday! These are just basic examples, but going a little deeper, there is so much opportunity for us to turn up the pride.

Think of planning events, working in a team, writing your first blog post, helping someone spell ‘professional’ (seriously, is it one or two ‘f’s?), winning a competition, eating clean for the whole week, getting up earlier, having one less coffee a day, not swearing as much, remembering to feed the dog, telling Mum you appreciate the Roast she made last night or making someone laugh.

It’s all so damn good! Can you remember that please?

These are the little things, but they are all we’ve got. Let’s love them a little.

That may or may not have been a pun, but you get the picture.

Stop being so damn egotistical and thinking you need to do something major, get 367 likes on your Instagram post, win a medal, or be recognized a guest on Jimmy Fallon to feel accomplished.

Sure those would be nice (and don’t for a second, stop setting the most outrageous goals!), but don’t forget that before the Jimmy action, is the recognition and gratification of mini achievements. If you’re not grateful for that, there’s no way you’ll be motivated to work even harder.

It always has, and always will be, just you. And if no one else cares, make sure at least you do.

Here’s to the small things.

Love, S.

When dreams you didn’t even know you had, come true.


The world is continuing to inspire me with every passing day, and I’m noticing that even though I need at least 3 lifetimes to effectively execute my current bucket-list, and no mater how hard I try to practice some crazy, wild child ambitious dreaming, it seems that there will be some morsels of gold thrown my way, materializing fantasies I haven’t even ‘dreamt’, conjured, tasted, or felt yet.

It is precisely at this point, (when I see paddle-boards on someone’s car roof), that I not only realize that I now want to paddle-board along the entire bay, but also, that my bucket list will never be complete.

I will always need another leaf of paper as soon as all the dotted lines are filled, and a trip to the newsagent, once I have exasperated every option on my 4-pen.

Surely, as soon as I tick off hiking to Base Camp, the Everest trek will supersede my next day-off hike, and just when I think I have seen every crevice of Barcelona, I will acknowledge that Granada is only a short train ride south, with an inevitable backyard of even more spectacular things for me to touch, explore and appreciate.

From that location and perspective, I just know that another place, idea, experience, ride, walk, talk or book will come flying my way and a whole new world will open before me, for the thousandth time.

What I’m learning today, tomorrow, next week, and now, is that this world is fast, so fast that if you blink you might just miss it, the way that you might miss the Town Centre of Yackandandah, if you look down at your volume dial in an attempt to turn the radio up whilst driving. (Shout out to my fave, and only Yack-er, Harry Quealy).

We never really know where the de-tour is actually going to take us, or if we might just find the next big thing on Bean Hunter if we go left instead of right.

The implications and consequences of every thought, word, action, chance encounter, and brief meeting is something we will never truly grasp.

But that’s the beauty of it right? Making rules in order to break them, and setting plans so you can bail last minute for something better, greater, funner?

So keep dreaming, little dreamer, as Cinderella says, a dream is a wish your heart makes. Corny I know, but everyone loves a little Disney flashback (or maybe that’s just me…awks).

“I got the MAGIC in me” – B.O.B


I’m sure you’ve all heard about the power of affirmations, and if you haven’t I’ll help a brother out.

Now, I won’t go all strong incense burning, new age spiritual counselor with bad breath and extra long hair on you, but basically, it is a common held belief that “you become your thoughts”.

For example:

“The Monash is going to be SO packed this morning”.

“There’s NO way I’m gonna get a park at Chadstone tonight”.

“The lines are going to be TOO long at the Night Noodle Market”.

“I can NEVER resist going to 7 Apples when I go to St. Kilda”

“I’m NOT going to be able to fit into the Bardot short shorts I bought last summer”

Each of these bad boys are exactly that, BAD BOYS. And although many of us totally batted for Ryan over Seth on the O.C purely because he was “bad”, I can assure you that looking/saying/repeating/talking/listening/re-instating/thinking/believing/raving (everyone loves a good rave #discolyf) these thoughts, will 100% make them true…for you. And that would be quite, well, bad.

So as Hilary Duff sung from the top of her lungs: “why not, take a crazy chance, why not do a crazy dance”, and maybe start chiming to some different bells.

I completely agree that stating “I have the body of Candace Swanepoel”may be unbelievable in the present, when clearly you’re not currently repping a Victoria’s Secret rig. So let’s take baby steps.

Try: “I CAN get a HD in Principles of Macro”, “I CAN get up at 6am for Crossfit”, “I can……DO WHAT I WANT”.

The word “can” is extremely powerful, I think Ghandi even told me one time, that it opens the mind to opportunities and events that would otherwise lie dormant, ready for someone “lucky” like Oprah or the winner of Australia’s Next Top Model to snap up.

Same goes for “can’s” evil twin sister, “can’t”, with this gem, you essentially cut off any chances you had with whatever it was you were thinking. I vote that you remove that 4-letter syllable from your vocab immediately!

Soon enough your confidence in “I CAN”, will lead to the assurance that “I AM”, and then, you my friend, very much will be….X.

So, what story are you going to tell yourself today?

P.S. Even the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air knows what’s up. Get around him!