Don’t Stop Movin’

Image by Caitlin Miers.

Image by Caitlin Miers.

The other day I needed to pee. Actually I was busting, so I ran a little faster towards the ladies room and rushed through the door only to find both cubicles ‘engaged’ and a girl in black (that’s irrelevant), with long hair (even more irrelevant), waiting in a lonely-one-person line for one of the coveted loos.

Unwilling to put up with the brutality of having to wait a minute longer for relief, I went next door, and walked straight into the unused disabled facility.

It was in that wondrous place of a surprisingly clean University restroom – complete with hand-towels and a full soap dispenser – that the inspiration for these words was borne.

I know what you’re thinking! Unlikely place for some inspo? Yes. Pretty gross? Absolutely. Legit? 100%.

It was a mundane experience, but it got me thinking: how long had that black cardigan wearing, long-haired girl been waiting for, and worse, how much longer was she going to wait? Didn’t she realize that there was a perfectly underutilized restroom next door? And did she know that in the next building she would find a labyrinth more?

How much time did she waste, not doing what she needed to do?

Why didn’t she follow me, see where I jetted off to and done the same? Why did she just wait idly until someone else was done?

Why didn’t she chase that (relieving) feeling?

Mulling over this (probably psychotic) example, I wondered how truly demonstrative it was of most people, in many of life’s experiences.

How many people rely on their patience and respectful citizenship to get what they want instead of breaking rules, moving mountains and continuing to knock on the door when someone doesn’t answer.

It’s been said the ‘fortune favors the bold’ and for all we know, the said girl could have ‘meant’ to be in and out of the toilet, to slip on a banana peel, hit her head on the ground, been helped up by a handsome stranger, fallen in love and lived happily ever after.

But no! She stayed way too long waiting for a stupid cubicle and missed the sore head, the chance meeting with a kind stranger, the rainbow after the rain, the free donuts given away by the ‘Catholics on Campus’, and even missed the 4.15pm bus home. Silly girl.

Bottom line, SHE WAS WASTING TIME! And I didn’t like it one bit! I get nervous about the fact that opportunities and moments are absolutely everywhere, but can be so easily missed by a blink of an eye, change of a turn or waiting too long for a toilet.

So in an effort to pinch every flower from the plant because it’s going to die soon anyway, and I may as well admire it from the close proximity of my bedside table, I am voting that we apply the same philosophy to every living moment.

Find ways to profit maximize everything, especially the finite time you have here. That guy not replying? Text again (but only once, don’t be don’t be ‘that clingy girl’). The menu doesn’t have pumpkin in the Warm Beef Salad? Ask the waiter to add it. Your favourite store doesn’t have your size in the black cape? GET THEM TO ORDER IT!

Get what you want and get it often. Don’t stop ‘til you get enough’, and certainly ‘don’t stop moving’.

Mark Zuckerberg said to me in a dream once, or maybe it was Jessie Eisenberg (again irrelevant), to ‘move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough’.

Can I get an amen.

P.S How rad is that pic by Caitlin Miers?! Check out her super-talents at!


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