Why you shouldn’t date someone who does anything.

Image via We Heart It.

Image via We Heart It.

It seems that articles describing  “Why you should date a girl/guy who does this/that,” movement is taking over the world – or maybe just my news feed, but that’s essentially the same thing, right?.

Without fail, the dawn of each new week comes with it a bundle of new ideas about the “perfect” girl/guy for you, and whilst I unashamedly devour every morsel of “Why you should date a girl who writes”, I am realizing that I am actually in love with every type of person who is reduced down to a maximum of 15 bullet point as to why they are so perfect.

But which one is best? Which list of bullet pointed constitutes the soul-mate, lover, best friend you have been yearning for? Dare I say it, none.

You can’t create a person. Even the Sims, which does let you create a person, does not warrant you complete control over how they will act, be, and respond to the randomness that is life.

A girl who writes fantasy could also be the same girl who studies science, is a surfer and part-time vegan who enjoys a kebab after a boozy night.

Dating a guy who speaks another language wont necessarily imply he wants to travel the world in a Combi van with you, and just because he will admit to enjoying the Notebook, wont mean that he will be sensitive or always aware of your feelings.

Because people are people, and like Rainbow Rowell said,  “[people may never look nice, they look like art, and art isn’t supposed to look nice; it is supposed to make you feel something]’.

So don’t date the girl or guy who does anything.

Look for the undeniable feeling, of feeling something greater than you, all you know, and everything you have experienced up to this point.  Search, wait for, yearn, and pounce, on that.

Side note, there are actually some pretty cool ‘personalities’ out there such as check them out!


 This article was published in Lot’s Wife Issue 3/2014.

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