Why the best really is, yet to come.

Image by Caitlin Miers.

Image by Caitlin Miers.

It seems like every day, I’m like ‘Oh my god, its nearly Friday!’, and as soon as Christmas over, I swear it’s almost my late in the year birthday (which is August 5 btw), then it is New years again, and yet another calendar is torn from the wall. I reminisce over the incredible passing year, but get excited when a ‘spanky’ new diary is purchased and I vow to make a whole new list of resolutions with a sparkly pen in my neatest handwriting.

It’s then, now, and at every passing day I pray and yearn that I could just pause it all, to stop in the moment, relive last night’s party and reignite the butterflies when I first kissed ‘that’ guy, or saw ‘that’ sunset.

On a recent ride home with a friend after the hundredth ‘night of my life’, I surprised myself with a very mature conclusion: It will always keep getting better.

I 100% don’t want the long weekend to end, to graduate university, to stop being young, to start going grey or have to actually rely on anti-wrinkle serums, it seems I really don’t want the clock to tick one moment more. But as I chat to my grade six sister, and reflect on my own perspective at that tender ‘finally-double-digit’ age, I realize that even back in 2004, I felt the same way.

I was so adamant that Grade 6 was the greatest year of my life, that my then basket baller boyfriend was the ‘one’, and that my lunchtime posse were going to be my BFFLS.

Boy was I naïve to think that, that time was going to be the highlight of my life. Seriously, year 7, I mean year 8, no wait my 18th year, hang on First Year Uni, uh-uh the year I spent abroad, nope, THIS YEAR has been the greatest!

It seems my top 5 experiences keep getting replaced by a host of newbies, new people, places and experiences profoundly superior and greater than before. I need to remember this. We all need to embrace, devour and amuse this perspective.

I think it’s this idea of ‘the best is yet to come’, which is precisely why, I just cant stop wholeheartedly throwing myself into tonight, next weekend, my mid-year travel plans, and my fantasies of the future, knowing that ultimately, I will never ever be able to compete with what I haven’t even thought of yet.

For there are ideas, plans, aspirations, moments and memoires that I cannot even conjure up in my head, but are waiting, and they will be even better than I could ever imagine.

So enjoy today, get excited about setting tomorrow’s alarm and smile as you remember any moment you cherish. But most of all, love the fact that this, right now, is only the beginning!

P.S How rad is that pic by Caitlin Miers?! Check out her super-talents at caitmiers.com!

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