Risky Business: 10 Risks Everyone Needs To Take, Like Right Now.


Image by Pippa Mockridge.

Image by Pippa Mockridge.

To go or not to go; be or not to be; say or not to say. Life is a series of risks, chances and opportunities. Some we will graciously accept, others we will run from, like a little girl who just saw a daddy long legs.

We are mostly scared of risks, and frightened of the unknown. But there is something magical about making the unknown, known, and turning the risks taken, into your greatest stories.

The truth is, you’ve got to risk it for the biscuit. So grab that biscuit and set your sights on the WHOLE bakery, starting with these 10 little risks.

  1. Risk being a plus one.

There’s something I love about being new. I know for many people a room full of strangers is pretty daunting, but the same thing happened to you on your first day of school, and I’m betting your best friends now, spawned form the same intimidating experience.

Moral of the story, baby just say yes! If its horrible (which it wont be), you can always leave. But if its amazing (which it will be), you will leave with some new pals, a funny story, and the confidence to plus one ALL THE TIME.

  1. Risk not having ‘enough time’.

This always makes me laugh. Honestly NO ONE EVER HAS ENOUGH TIME, and you are kidding yourself if you think you will. You can’t capture or save time, extend it or buy more.

But you can MAKE time. Commit to things and you will make them work.

  1. Risk being tired.

Sure, starting work at 6am is going to put a damper on even the most tamest of adventures, but if you were invited somewhere, at least show up.

Sleep when you’re dead.

  1. Risk not getting the job.

“You’ve got to be in it, to win it”. Get your name out there, confront the Manager, make them want to know who you are from your sheer audacity, and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

That was a pun.

  1. Risk looking dumb.

 If you never ask, you’ll never know.

It amazes me that 99% of people don’t ask questions, yet will sit for hours, utterly confused about whatever is happening. Take the risk of being the dumb one with the silly questions. Chances are, everyone else wants to ask the same one, and you will be a hero.

  1. Risk that person not saying yes.

This is a continuation of 5: always, always ask. Ask for anything.

You will be surprised at the inherent generosity of most people, and maybe entertained at the sheer selfishness of others. Let fate decide. At least ask. They may just say YES!

  1. Risk getting lost.

Not having a plan, is the best plan. Leave your need for control at home today, and risk getting lost, being late and seeing something new. Stop getting caught up in regime, routine, schedules and certainty. Be wild, be free, wander for a bit.

Get lost.

  1. Risk being a rookie.

Like Nike says, ‘Just do it’. Want to start playing basketball, DJ-ing or writing fiction, just bloody do it!

Risk being a rookie, and let your rookie-ness attract the people and experiences that can help you un-rookify yourself.

Remember that fortune favours the bold, so jump in and figure the rest out later.

  1. Risk changing plans.

If rules are made to be broken, plans are 100%, made to be changed.

It’s not about being selfish, its about being realistic. I’m sorry to be blatantly honest, but if I have movie plans and Jackie Chan calls, offering to teach me how to karate kick, Jackie will win.

Change plans, but always remake them later. #raincheck.

10. Risk being right.

Put in your 2 cents, say what you feel and be aggressive, B-E aggressive. You will feel so much better knowing you got everything off your chest.

So there it is. Basic, straightforward, and hopefully relatable, relevant and insightful.

Be risky.



4 thoughts on “Risky Business: 10 Risks Everyone Needs To Take, Like Right Now.

  1. I love the insightful ness and truth in all your points to make the day, week, life that bit more enjoyable and fullfilled. And would love it even more, if at least once a week I followed one point. The thought is there in my mind, and the foot is ready to “Just Do It”

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