Articulating myself in a sentence is a skill I am yet to master, and explaining exactly what this blog is about, with the same token, is just as difficult. But i’ll try.

I am Sheona Bello, Melbourne (Australia) born & raised, now New York City hustlin’. I double as a Big Sister, Daughter, World Traveller, Wanderer, Hippie, Corporate Doer, Bookworm, Spontaneity freak, Writer, Chiller.

I am a universe of dichotomies in one, and along this journey that is my adventure through life, I want to share my discoveries, musings and laughs with the world. I want to share every piece of wisdom and insight I find myself washing my hair to, in hopes of starting the ‘deep’ conversations we all crave.
So I encourage you to join me in this game of pass the parcel, and let’s see what happens.

Jump on my cloud.

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