Thank-you x 1,000

“Thank-you a thousand times.”
Image by Sycamore Street Press.

Man I wish I was French, I think I would just talk to myself so I could hear these beautifully sexy and divine words.

But there’s something even more important about this delicious set of syllables, and I would like to propose it to you as a dare, a “double-dog-dare” if you like!

Here its, *drumroll please* I hereby, dare you to say thank-you a thousand times.

Reckon you could do it in a day, a week, a month, a year, even a lifetime?

More importantly, could you actually find a thousand things to say thank-you for? I started a little list myself and spotted at least 20 before I stepped out of my bedroom (bed, pillow, T.V, Barbie dream house, the list goes on).

It’s funny, when you’re faced with the said challenge, you actually do find SO many things to say thank-you for (can I get an amen for sliced bread??).

So go on sparky, say thanks for this, for that, for anything really!

And tell me, what did you find to be thankful for first?

2 thoughts on “Thank-you x 1,000

  1. Thank you , for writing this blog , making me aware that these 2 precious words, really aren’t that hard to say when we wake up each morning and see how privileged we are to be alive and be thankful for what we have . Thank you World

  2. Sheona, first up I would like to thank you for this post (No.1)
    And thinking about it, I had the opportunity to say atleast 5 other thank you’s to various people throughout my day.

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